How To Delegate Access or Add a User To Your GoDaddy Account

How To Delegate Access or Add a User To Your GoDaddy Account

Adding someone to your GoDaddy account is easy. You can have one person as the primary owner of your account and add as many co-owners to the account as you need. It is helpful when making changes on your behalf or assisting you in using your account.

In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of how you can easily share access to your GoDaddy Account.

Step 1. Go to the GoDaddy login page and log in to your account.

godaddy login screen

Step 2. After you log in, hover your mouse pointer oveto r the Account Settings.

my profile page

Step 3. Next, Scroll down and you will see the Delegate Access Button.

delegate access button

Step 4. Click that and you will be taken to the Delegate access page.

invite user to access your account button

Step 5. Click invite to access button and a new popup window will appear.

enter user information to invite

After clicking the “Invite” button, an email will be sent to the addressed person, and they will be given a chance to create a GoDaddy account if they don’t have one.

Final thoughts

It’s great to be able to delegate access to your GoDaddy account, but remember not to share your account with anyone you don’t completely trust. When creating or changing user access levels, ensure you are comfortable with the new permissions.

Good luck!

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