Tips for Designing Your Childcare Landing Page That Will Appeal To Parents

Tips for Designing Your Childcare Landing Page That Will Appeal To Parents

 If you want to start a childcare business, you need to know how to plan and design an effective landing page. This article will tell you some of the best practices for designing your childcare landing page. But first, let me tell you that online presence is significant in this age of online visibility. This article is being written to help small and new businesses that are just starting.

What are The Benefits of a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single webpage that acts as the first point of contact for potential customers and engages with them. A landing page serves to:

  • Capture leads
  • Impress and engage current and future customers
  • Educate people about a business or service
  • Capture customer information, including their contact information or email addresses

Knowing the benefits of what you are trying to achieve will make your child care service easier to design. Think about what you need to communicate online and how to do it effectively. Your landing page should provide all the information you need from people from the get-go.

Here Are Some Tips on How You Design an Appealing Childcare Landing Page

Childcare Landing Page


Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline should be short and sweet. It should include keywords that will attract parents who search online for childcare services. Suppose you want to improve your chances of being found by potential customers. In that case, you should write headlines with at least three words using an active voice.

Suppose you’re seeking the attention of visitors or clients. In that case, you need to ensure your headline contains the most popular keywords they use to find in childcare services. You can also include images within your headline if you like. Use hero images to help draw attention and make reading easier for your readers. Send yourself a sample of what your headlines should look like, and consider making some changes.


Include a Subheading Underneath Your Headlines

If you want parents to click through to your services, include a subheading underneath each headline. It will give them something to read before deciding whether to click through.

Including a subheading will also allow you to add another benefit that your customers won’t find anywhere else if they click on the headline.


Write a Copy That Offers Unique Value Proposition

The most crucial thing parents want from childcare services is quality care for their kids. They don’t care what type of food you serve them. They want to know that their child will be safe, healthy, happy, and well cared for. You must write a copy that offers a unique value proposition to attract parents who will choose your service.

Offering your UVP this way is the secret to gaining traction and converting your visitors into leads or visitors into customers. Your UVP should be short and sweet. It shouldn’t be designed or printed with fancy fonts. It should be plain and straightforward, making it stand out from other child care services that used the exact words to describe themselves in their copy.

Once you have your unique value proposition written down, you can use it as a checklist to ensure you stick to it every time you write about your child care service online.

Unique Value Proposition


Include a Video That Presents UVP

Videos are one of the most powerful tools for online marketing because they allow people to see, hear, and feel what your product does. They also provide a perfect opportunity to tell a story about who you are and why parents should choose you.

Adding a video on your landing page that promotes your unique value proposition is a great way to add personality to your business and make it stand out from the rest in your niche.

video that presents UVP


Design Engaging Call To Action

The call to action should be clear and concise. It should include a link to your website, so parents know where to find all the necessary information. If you want to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, add a button to your landing page that says “Sign Up For Our Newsletter.”

If you design a CTA button, ensure that it engages appropriately with customers or visitors. Your calls to action should be short, sweet, and straightforward. Ensure it is written in active voice and avoid the passive voice.

call to action


Design Unique Landing Page Layout

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s essential that your page is unique and offers something different from other childcare services. Remember that most people don’t spend more than two seconds on a page before moving on. Your goal should be to make this worthwhile for them by providing them with something of value.

Think about what you are trying to accomplish by designing your landing pages. It would help if you also remembered that it doesn’t have to be complicated for its work. basic and simple landing page designs work best if you want people to stay on your pages longer.

unique landing page layout


Optimize Your Landing Page For Mobile Users

The majority of parents will search online before they visit a childcare center. Make sure your website looks great on mobile devices so it doesn’t distract them from finding what they want.

A mobile-friendly landing page design is essential since most parents use mobile devices to look for childcare services. They expect a website to load quickly and work well on smaller screens, so ensure your landing page is optimized correctly.

smartphone users


Design a Consistent Logo For Your Landing Page

A consistent logo will allow parents to recognize your brand instantly. It will also help them feel assured they are visiting the right website. The best way to design a landing page is to think like a parent. What would you want to see if you were looking for childcare services online? Would you like to see a professional logo? Or maybe something simple like a cartoon character?

If you’re designing a logo, make sure it’s simple, straightforward, and communicates your business’s core values or unique qualities. Make sure it doesn’t include any icons that might be hard to read on a small screen.



Add a Simple Navigation Bar

A navigation bar should be straightforward so parents can immediately find what they are looking for. It should include the main pages of your website.

Ideally, this bar should include a search bar, so parents can easily find what they are looking for by typing in their keywords. You might also want to consider adding as many other navigation links as possible to make it simple for parents to find out everything they want to know about your business before choosing your services.

simple navigation bar


Add Social Sharing Feature

The social sharing feature will allow parents to share photos of their child on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will enable them to connect with others who may not know about your childcare service.

Include a social share button on your social sharing feature so parents can quickly share their photos with their friends. They also need to find out more about your business so it will make sense to them before they choose your service.

Having a social sharing feature helps you gain and gather more customers. It will also encourage the parents of your current customers to share photos of your services.


social sharing feature


Minimize Your Landing Page Load Time

If it takes more than three seconds for your landing page to load, parents will click away before they ever see what you have to offer. The average website loads in 2.5 seconds, so if yours takes longer than this, it could mean losing potential customers.

Having a fast landing page is essential to ensure you get customers. Studies have shown that the longer it takes a page to load, the less likely people will stay on it until they find what they want or search elsewhere.


landing page load speed


Include a Trustworthy Proof Element

A proof element is something that proves the authenticity of a website. It could be a link to a third-party site or a certificate from a trusted authority. The most common proof design elements include digital signatures, certifications, and links to external websites.

Providing your visitors with a proof element can help you build trust. It will reinforce that you are a legitimate business, and it helps to get more people to sign up for your services.

The best way to include a proof element on your landing page design is to use something that links back directly to your social media accounts. It will let people know they are dealing with a legitimate business while also allowing them to find out more about you before they choose you.

social proof element


Suppose your business is serious about growing and developing its online presence. In that case, you need to invest some time into creating an effective and engaging website. You must take all these tips as seriously as possible and apply them to your website.

It would be best if you also considered using the services of an expert web designer at SpringHive who can help develop your brand and create a fantastic website that will attract potential customers. 

Learning about different marketing techniques such as SEO would be best to increase visibility in the search engine results pages.

Without a professionally done website, it will be hard for people to find out more about your business, which means they may not choose you to care for their children.

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