10 Excellent Web Design Tips You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

10 Excellent Web Design Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Having a website without much traffic is like having a job without pay. It doesn’t seem like much at the start, but one day you’ll realize how much you could have earned if only you knew what to do earlier.

You spend your time and energy designing a beautiful website, only to find that it’s not getting the right traffic to put food on the table.

Whether you’ve got an existing website or want to build one from scratch, our free web design guide can ensure that your website has all the commercial elements that would drive thousands of potential customers to your door.

Here Are The Excellent Amazing Web Design Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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1. Take Advantage Of Visual Hierarchy

You’ll want your visitor to be able to navigate your website easily, so it’s essential that you make this process as easy as possible for them.

A good way of doing this is by creating visual hierarchies. It involves creating a specific hierarchy on the page so that new visitors can automatically be guided from top to bottom.

For instance, if you have an online shop website, users will go from top to bottom, looking at categories and subcategories of products before reaching the product itself.

With this type of structure, users will feel able to find what they’re looking for without much difficulty. And you’ll keep the customers returning to your site repeatedly.

visual hierarchy

2. Streamline Your Navigation

The navigation on your site is arguably one of the essential elements for visitors, as it gives them what they need to know about your site and where they can find particular content.

The navigation bar on your website should indicate what you’re offering, who you’re selling to, and where you can find all the products or services that interest them.

So it’s essential that the navigation is clear and concise but also has space for potential customers to navigate and understand it easily. 


3. Choose A Typography That’s Easy To Skim

With shorter attention spans and increasing competition in the market, you’ll want to ensure that your typeface is easy to skim.

You don’t want to put a lot of effort into your website unless there’s a clear benefit, but having easy-to-read fonts can make your website stand out from the crowd.

With the right font choice, you’ll make your content structure more appealing to people and increase conversions due to the easy-to-read nature of the text.

4. Make Your Call To Action Stick Out

Whether your website is used for commercial purposes or trying to attract customers to subscribe to your blog, it’s common for you to have a call to action button on the page.

This is what you want your visitors to click on when they see your site to understand exactly what you’re selling.

The most successful websites will always clear their call-to-action buttons and ensure that they stand out from the rest of the web design elements. This gives visitors a chance to read and understand what’s being offered without having much trouble.

call to action

5. Optimize For Smartphone Users

With the number of smartphone users out there, you will want to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices.

This will ensure that visitors know how to access all the information you provide without having too much of a problem. Mobile devices are pretty popular and represent a huge market for potential customers, so optimizing your site for these devices is in your best interests.

Doing this will increase conversion rates and leave more money in your pocket due to a more lucrative customer base.

smartphone users

6. Choose A Color Scheme That Fits Your Brand

Colors are an essential part of your website, as they give visitors a clear indication of what you want to do and what products you’re dealing with. It’s necessary that you choose colors that fit the tone of your brand.

If you’re running an e-commerce website, a bright and attractive palette will give your site a more energetic tone and help attract users to the products you offer.

You’ll also want to make sure that you pick the right shade of green or red, as these bright colors can symbolize trust and reliability.

color scheme

7. Make Use Of Texture To Add Personality And Depth

Whether used on the backgrounds of high-quality images or to add a sense of depth, adding texture to your website will help you stand out from other sites.

If you’re trying to make your site look more intriguing and engaging, it’s vital that you use some texture to help with this. You don’t want to go overboard with it, but using one or two textures on your site will bring a friendlier tone.

Textures can help make your message seem more professional and give the content a unique look.

8. Optimize Your Website For Conversions

Website optimization is a driving factor in increasing your total revenue, as visitors planning to make a purchase will adjust how they interact with your site, leading to more conversions.

With SEO in mind, you’ll want to ensure that your content is optimized to rank on the first page of search results. It means that the content needs to be credible for your business and the products or services you are selling.

An optimized site gives you a further advantage in increasing conversions and leaving more money in your pocket.


9. Keep Away From Carousels And Rotating Sliders

Carousels negatively impact loading time or loading speed, the last thing you want on your website. When a site loads slowly, users tend to leave and find another site they can access quickly.

Carousels are often present on sites with a lot of advertising, which you don’t want to do on your website as it can be very distracting for users. These effects also apply to rotating sliders, so avoid these as much as possible.

10. Watch Out For “False Bottoms.”

One thing that can negatively affect the user experience of your website is “false bottoms.” It refers to an image or video ending on solid ground, leaving out the bait and switch element.

It can confuse users and make them feel like they’ve wasted their time. You should always keep this in mind if you use this image or video, as it can decrease conversions and make people leave your site.

false bottom


Creating an attractive website will always be important in this day and age. It’s a valuable tool that you can use to get more interaction with your website, attract new prospective customers and increase conversions.

With these tips in mind, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem making a site that fits the tone of your brand. The most important thing is to test and experiment with different elements until you find the ones that work best for you.

If you ever need a web design expert, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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