Having a website is one thing, but keeping it running smoothly is another.

SpringHive will keep your website properly maintained, updating it with any necessary changes and new features to make your life easier. It's like having your own team of web professionals working for you to keep your site running smoothly 24/7.

Guaranteed Uptime
Every website we manage is monitored 24 hours a day and is tested for problems daily.
Security Updates
Our security updates will ensure that your site is updated to the latest versions of your CMS
Website Backup
Automatically replicates your website files and databases to our secure hosting environment.

If You're Running A Business, Updating Your Website Can Be A Nightmare.

There are so many things that can break, go wrong or stop working on your website. You have to stay on top of updates, backups, and security patches if you want to protect yourself against cyber attacks, viruses, and other malicious code that can take down your site. You can be proactive about protecting your site, or you can try to look for a professional to do it for you.

SpringHive offers affordable website maintenance plans for small businesses and startups with the highest quality service available at an unbeatable price point. Our client's satisfaction is our number one priority. We have a pricing model that's simple for you to understand and keeps maintenance costs predictable on an ongoing basis. We work with you to find the best website maintenance package tailored to fit your budget and keep your site running smoothly.

We'll Take Care Of All Your Website Maintenance Needs

Our team of experts at SpringHive are here to help with everything from simple fixes like a broken link or an image that isn't displaying correctly, all the way up to complex issues like hosting migration and server upgrades. We'll make sure your site stays online and running smoothly - so you'll never have to worry about your website maintenance again.

Website Changes and Updates
If you need to make changes to your website, we'll create the changes, so they look exactly how you want. We can also help update your website, whether it's a new blog post or page layout.
Email Setup, Support, and Changes
We can set up your email account so you can start communicating with customers and clients. We'll also give you the full support to manage your email marketing so you can grow your business.
Website Analytics Setup and Reporting
We'll set up your Google Analytics or your website's built-in analytics system so you can see how people are finding and using your website. We'll review your website's code to make sure it's functioning properly.
Website Security
If you want to protect your site from unauthorized users or attackers, we'll make sure your site is secure and that it stays that way. We'll get rid of any viruses, malware or other harmful web code that might be affecting your website.
Database Optimization
We'll make sure your database environment is optimized so you'll have fast, reliable access to anything you need when you need it. We can also help restore your website when there are problems or if you have a downed server.
Data Backup and Restore
SpringHive can back up your website data, and we can restore it, so you always have a copy of everything on your website or site-hosting server. We can also give you the full support to keep all your website files updated and secure.
Website Monitoring
We can monitor your website for any activity, like when a page is accessed or when a link is clicked. We can also tell you what the pages are doing and how people are using them. Based on our monitoring, we can update your website with any necessary updates
Virus / Malware Cleanup
Our website maintenance features include virus/malware removal so that your entire website stays clean and safe from viruses/malware threats. We'll make sure your website is safe and secure by scanning it for any virus/malware threats that may be lurking in the depths of your website.
Broken Links, Images Fix
We can fix any broken links or images on your website so that everything looks great and easy to find. We can also make sure that all of the images on your website are correct, so you don't have to worry about anything looking messy on your site.

Employees are costly – wages, training, and benefits can add up to a significant monthly bill.

SpringHive Website Maintenance Plans are created to provide you the freedom of making updates to your site without paying an in-house employee. We will ensure that your website is totally updated and assist you in making website changes or help you when your website is down. High-quality website maintenance can run into hundreds of dollars a month. Our maintenance service offers cheaper options and is customized to prevent costly downtime, hacks and bad code.