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Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular form of online marketing in which a business rewards one or more people, called affiliates, for each visitor or customer brought to the company’s site. It is used in some industries.
Our affiliate marketing model is based on the assumption that the advertisers have full control over the content of their ads, and that it is incumbent upon them to ensure that the content of each ad complies with all laws and regulations relating to advertising. 
Affiliates may be paid only for referrals that result in business, or may also receive payment for generating advertising revenue. A web affiliate may display advertisements on their website and can receive commissions as a result of sales made by any clicks on their advertisement.

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We go over some core concepts of affiliate marketing and online business, including basic on running a website and marketing to your audience.
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Promote your business as an affiliate partner and you can make some great money. It does not take a huge investment to become an affiliate, but it does require a few things.
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You can have full process and control over the affiliate account and use of your affiliate referrals
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If you have ever considered or tried using the affiliate process, you may find that it is a time-saving tool that also increases your revenue generation potential by allowing you to convert more visitors into paying customers and/or clients.

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Springhive's Seo Tips For Ecommerce Product Pages

If you are looking to increase conversion rates from your site, optimizing your e-commerce product pages is a must. Our team of e-commerce SEO experts has already developed multiple effective tactics and a successful SEO strategy to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few tips which will help you improve the visibility of your shopping cart.

For starters, you need to remove any pre-sale questions from your product pages because they will only frustrate customers and reduce their chances of buying more products. As per Google, visitors spend between 10-20 seconds on average on any web page before leaving it. So, your product page should have the following elements to win customers and convert them into buyers:

Big Pictures
Product images are of paramount importance in e-commerce websites. A potential buyer will always seek clarity about the product they are interested in and pictures give a crystal clear idea of the product. If you don't display any image then there is no chance of attracting anyone to your website. Also, you need to ensure that the images are not blurry as it will hamper your conversion rate too. Just imagine how hard and inconvenient it will be to decide on buying something that you are not able to see. It will only lead your potential customers to visit other sites that offer the same products and buy from them instead. So, first of all, you need to resize your product images to a dimension that is no more than 250 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. Also, make sure that the product image is crisp and clear to ensure customers convert into buyers. So, take good pics of the product and then use an image editing tool like Photoshop or any other to crop the picture so that it displays only what you want people to see.
Highlight Features & Benefits
You will never want to spend on something that will not be of your benefit. People tend to buy products which can solve their problems. A potential customer who visits your product page will always look for why they should buy your product. So, highlighting the top features of your products or services will not only make deciding easier for your potential customers but will also let them realize why they will need your products in solving their problems. For example, if we take a fitness tracker's product page then you need to highlight key features like the number of sensors, tracking accuracy, smart notifications, and so on. If you are selling watches then talk about its water resistance feature. As you get the point, highlighting important features is essential for turning a potential customer into a buyer.
People always want to compare a product they are about to buy with similar products that are already on the market. Including several clear and concise product listings on your website gives your customers a vivid idea of what they are looking at and it is very important to do so. Also, always make sure to choose the right categories for your products because this is one of the key factors for a high ranking in Google. So, if you have a fitness band that can compete with similar bands then try to add it in the same category so that it gets higher search engine rankings along with other similar products.
Detailed Product Description
The product description is one of the most important elements of your e-commerce product page which will define its visibility in the search engine results. So, make sure you write a well-researched and detailed description for your product that defines its features, benefits, problems it solves, and comparisons it offers among similar products. Your product descriptions must always be accurate to avoid misleading your customers. Always remember to include keywords related to your product in the description too because Google loves them! It pays to have a list of keywords ready before writing your descriptions. Apart from this, use bullets to divide the description into smaller parts so that they are easy to read.
Call-to-Action Button (CTA)
A CTA is an element on your product page that plays a vital role in encouraging your customers to buy your product. It can either be a single button or multiple options like buy now, add to cart, visit the store, and so on. You need to put some tremendous effort into crafting the right CTA for your product page because that can increase its conversion rate significantly. Always think about what a visitor will do when they reach the product page. What are their main points? What do they need? For example, if you are selling a GPS navigation system then you can use a CTA like "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart". Also, make sure that you have multiple CTAs on your product page because only one CTA might not necessarily convert the most number of users. The more CTAs, always the better.
Seller Information
To improve shoppers' trust in your products and services, never fail to add a piece of seller information to your product page. Include things like seller name, experience, contact details, return policy, and other relevant details on the product page. If you don't have a physical store then consider adding a call to action button which will lead people to your online store. Also, make sure that you add Google Map with your store address for the convenience of customers.
Reviews and Ratings
Product reviews and ratings on your product page can contribute a lot to your success story. Reviews are not just made so customers will have an avenue to rant and just say whatever they think about your products or services. Reviews will let your potential customers know what they will be up to if they sign up for you. It somehow is a convenience on your part - letting your customers talk about your products and services instead of advertising them yourself. So, try to grab as many genuine reviews for your products as possible. However, refrain from asking for reviews from your friends and family members because they might end up bias. Always rely on your existing customers to get genuine reviews and ratings for your product page. In this case, use a specific call-to-action button like "Write a Review" or "Rate this Product".
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have an online store, you must know that it is extremely important to drive people to your website. In case, you are struggling to rank in searches or to get the desired amount of traffic, then eCommerce SEO Services from Bspringhive is there to help you. One thing that is common between all eCommerce businesses out there right now is that they are all vying for more visitors. The best thing about SEO is that it can provide a fair amount of traffic even if the business is not very popular.

We have compiled a list of some common questions that you can refer to as you try to understand and implement SEO for your online store.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
Anyone who has an internet connection and some know-how about digital marketing, potentially even you!
The profit is based on the profit per sale of the affiliate’s website and it can differ from product to product and from affiliate to affiliate.
The affiliate must promote the product, keep his track record updated, and remove any inappropriate or questionable content from his website. It would be a very bad idea for anyone to promote pornographic or illegal products on their website.
Affiliates are entitled to a share of the profits. They are not responsible for any damages or issues caused by products or advertisements that they promote.
You need to have an account on a digital marketing platform, write some unique content and be visible in search engines. Once you have a few products promoted, you can just sit back and watch the advertising revenue rolling in.
The most important thing is your target market and the products that you want to promote. You should also consider how easy it will be for you to promote your products. The more difficult the process, the higher commission you will have to pay.
Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if done correctly. Affiliate programs are usually free of charge or paid on a sliding scale depending on their popularity (or traffic) and product performance on your website. 13. Does affiliate marketing successfully work in Africa?
Affiliate marketing works well in Africa if used correctly. There are several affiliate programs available that essentially allow you to monetize website traffic from anywhere on the planet.
Yes, in order for affiliates to be able to credit their referral earnings, they must keep their websites updated with fresh content. Often the sites require a review at least once a month. 
As long as you make sure that the merchant’s content is well-written and original, there is no issue with using someone else’s affiliate links.