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We offer an easy and safe way to register your domain name with us. We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about the complications involved, from setting up domain name to website hosting. We make registering domains really easy for everyone by offering an all-inclusive service with no hidden costs or nasty surprises along the way.

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Buying a domain name can sometimes be time consuming and frustrating

If you don’t have the time to go through all of the steps involved in registering your own domain name, then we are here to help. We will handle everything for you and make sure that your domain is registered with no hassle on your end.

We offer simple solutions for people who don’t want to spend their time learning about complicated technical terms and settings. Our job is to keep your domains safe and secure, so we handle all of the details behind-the-scenes – freeing up your time so you can focus on other things.

Benefits of Having Your Domain Registered With Springhive

An advantage of having your domain registered through us is that you will be able to access your websites from anywhere in the world. The servers that host our websites are located across the globe and we have locations in both North America and Europe. All of our customers also have access to their own control panel, which they can use to view their analytics, control their DNS settings, or edit any other administrative details about their website.

You can rest assured knowing that all of our websites have been optimized for speed and performance. We use the latest in web technologies to ensure that you get a fast and reliable browser experience. Our customers are satisfied because we make sure that their websites are secure by using SSL certificates, which provide a more secure connection between your computer and our website. This helps keep your data private and safe from prying eyes, as well as other types of malware.

No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect domain name solution for you. We also offer website design and development – so if you need your website live today, we can help. If you’re ready to make the switch and move your domain to us ASAP, click here to fill out an easy form now!

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Domain names are valuable assets, and you can secure yours before they expire. Secure your startup name today (and the rest of your life)

Frequently Asked Questions

Domain names come in various types. Here at SpringHive, we prefer to stick with the most common ones like .com and .net domains because they are easier to remember than others. Their simplicity is one of the primary reasons why they are so popular and are widely used. Of course, there are some other great extensions out there available for registration. If you have a local connection and want your website address to reflect this, then a TLD like .us or could work best for you. If your website has specific content like forums or articles, then consider opting for a TLD

A domain name is the web address you type into your browser to go to a website. For example, if I own the domain “” my website’s address is “” It’s also called an “address on the internet”.
When you register a domain name, you get the exclusive right to use that name for your website. Once you own the name, it’s yours forever. You never need to renew it or pay renewal fees. A domain name can be renewed for free at any time before its expiration date by going to a registrar. At its one-year anniversary, a domain is set “expired” and other people can begin registering it unless you’ve registered your “Expiration Protection.
A registrar is a company that manages domain names for you. This includes receiving payments and tracking your domain name’s statistics. There are many different types of registrars, but most are “managed” by one of the big companies that sell web hosting services – GoDaddy,, eNom, Directi, and Network Solutions. Each of these companies offers a variety of different services and products. There are also many other companies that sell domain names, but since they don’t offer web hosting or site-building services, they are called “Resellers”. Resellers have to use the services of another company to register your domain name. Google “Domain Name Resellers” for a complete list.
Anyone with an email address can register a domain name. The registrar will email you a password to the address you specified. You can then log into the registrar’s site and access the domain management area.
Domain name extensions are the letters at the end of a domain name. For example, “.com” is one of the most common extensions. Other popular ones are “.net”, “.org”, “.us”, etc. There are hundreds of different extensions – check a directory such as GoDaddy to find out which ones are available.
Many people that own a domain name are daunted by the thought of having to build a website, so they just let it “park” there with no links or content. When it’s parked, your company’s name and address will be visible, along with ads for other companies and services. For example, if I owned “” I would not want that name to be used publicly or advertised. So I’d have it parked. Many registrars will charge you for this (usually $10 to $15 per year).
The .COM and .NET domains are managed by Network Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Verisign. To continue using your domain name, you must make sure that transfers have been approved and completed. For more information, you can go to the Network Solutions website.
Domains have an expiration date of one year after registration. If you fail to renew before it expires, your domain reverts back to the Registrar and they resell it. One thing you can do is buy an Expiration Protection Plan prior to the expiration date. That will extend the expiration date by a year.
You want to choose a domain name that will be available for you to use, either now or in the future, as long as you’d like it. You also want people who hear your company’s name or see your web address to know directly what your company does. You may want to choose a short, catchy domain name over a long, descriptive one. People will not spend much time at your site unless you have lots of interesting content.
When you try to visit most of the popular sites on the internet, you will see their name at the end of your web browser’s address bar. These sites have registered domains that have not yet expired or are currently parked. If you see these names while visiting a website, then the site is registered with a registrar.