Easy, Fast and Reliable Email Marketing Service

SpringHive's email marketing service is designed to help businesses who are ready to get started with email marketing, but need some direction. We'll help you find the best ways to use email marketing in your business, and walk you through the process of setting up your first campaign. You'll have access to our team of experts who can answer any questions that come up along the way.

Increase Your Revenue
One of the most effective ways to build rapport with a target audience
Build And Manage Your Email List
Unlike paid advertising, you have control over who can subscribe to your list.
Send Personalized Content
Reach customers at scale , but tailor your message based on each recipient’s unique interests.

Getting the relationship right with email marketing shouldn't be difficult or stressful.

Finding and nurturing leads an essential part of any modern digital strategy. Unfortunately, it's often the most neglected or under-resourced aspect, taking too much time and costing too much money. SpringHive takes care of everything for you. Monetize your email strategy with our targeted email marketing software for small businesses, agencies and online stores.

Introducing SpringHive!

Turn your website visitors into email subscribers then paying customers

Did you know that email is the most effective marketing channel for driving revenue, increasing brand loyalty, and growing your business? Think about it: when was the last time you opened your inbox and didn't check out a single email? If you're like most people, it's probably not very often. If you're like us, though, you use email to build relationships with customers and prospects—and ultimately to drive revenue.

We know how important email is to your business—and we want to help you succeed! And lucky for you, Springhive can help! We've got an incredible solution for building and managing your email list—and we're ready to help you grow your business with it.

Why Choose SpringHive as Your Email Marketing Partner?

Save time and money with our email marketing services. We can help you save both time and money by taking care of the technical details of your email marketing campaigns so that you can focus on growing your business. We offer a wide variety of features and services that allow you to create, send, track, and measure your campaigns without any fuss or hassle.

By partnering with us, you'll be able to set up an attractive landing page in minutes and start sending out eye-catching emails right away. You'll also have access to an analytics dashboard that allows you to see how well each campaign performed—so that you can tweak them accordingly and spend more time working on areas where there's room for improvement. We'll handle everything from designing the template for your newsletter to coding it for mobile devices—and then sending it out at the right time of day so that people will actually read it! All this means less work for YOU (and less stress).

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Friendly Web Design Package for Everyone

Our custom website design packages provide great value with high-quality results. Get started on your next website design today!



One-Time Fee

Free Logo Design
2 Concept Designs
Mobile Responsive
Unlimited Design Revision
Free SSL Security
Daily Backup
Free Website Firewall
Contact Forms
By request only

Special Project

For Custom Web Design Project

All Features Included
Custom Programming
24/7 Premium support
Special Feature by Request
Small Business Friendly
Pay only once and the website is yours. There are no monthly fees.
Full Website Control
Since your website is Content Management Powered, you have full control over everything.
Great Customer Support
Get support 24/7 by our team of experts in Web Development, Graphic Designing, and Digital Marketing
Got questions? We've got answers

Custom Web design Frequent Asked Questions

We understand that a lot of people are unfamiliar with the world of custom web design. What is it? How is it different from a template? Why should I care? How does it work? All of these questions and more will be answered here, as well as any other questions you may have about the custom web design process. If we haven't covered your question, feel free to contact us or submit your question using the form at the bottom of this page.

We are trying our best to keep our turnaround time as low as possible. We are usually able to get projects completed in as little as 1 week, sometimes we can take up to 3 days. If you need something done quickly, please use the contact form to contact us or call one of our friendly customer service representatives to help you find a way to get things done fast.

We use the cost model that we believe is fair for both parties - for us and them! You will work directly with our designers without any additional efforts, which gives you quality design at a low price. Check our pricing page to learn more about our rates and special offers.

We usually require only the content that you are looking to add. We will usually ask for any links that you'd like to use on your website, and we will have your website completed within a few days or weeks, depending on how busy we are! You can email us with any questions at [email protected]

Absolutely! We want you to be happy with your design, so we will work with you on anything that needs to be changed or added. If you would like to add more content, please use the contact form or call our friendly customer service representatives and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We use the latest security software and practices, so all of our websites are secure! Your information will be at the highest level of security available while we work on your custom web design project. We are very careful with your personal information and never send it out without you being notified first.

We can integrate your payment processor of choice into your site. This will make it easy for you to process and accept payments. If you don't have a preferred processor, we can also make your website setup with Paypal. We do not recommend that you put all of your information on the checkout page, as this will be susceptible to fraud.

Yes, We will set up your domain name upon completion of your design. We can also take care of organizing and registering any additional domains that you may need.

Once we have finished your design, it will be linked to our hosting server and is available for you to view! We are very efficient with our turnaround time, so getting your site ready for viewing usually only takes a few hours. If you have any questions about how long your site is going to take, please contact us for more information.

We accept most major credit cards, as well as PayPal and others.

We do not offer maintenance packages on our web templates. You can use our online support forum where we answer client questions very quickly.

No, we do not have any contracts involved with our services. We are happy to work with you without a contract if that is what you prefer! If you would like a contract, please let us know and we will send one to you as soon as possible.

Our designs are created with the clients in mind, so it is very hard to not be satisfied. We do our best to create a design that matches your vision perfectly! If you are unhappy with your design, please contact us and we will try and help you out in any way possible.

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Get Started Today and Experience Real Results

We know that email marketing can be an effective way for businesses to connect with customers and prospects. And we know that successful email marketing requires that you spend time, energy and effort on designing compelling content. So whether you're a boutique store, a service provider, an author, an online retailer or just a small business looking for an affordable way to increase your revenue, we can help you achieve the growth and success you want.