SEO Audit Service Helps you Fix Your SEO issues

SpringHive can identify and mitigate your risks so that your website performs better in search engine results pages, which helps people find you when they are searching for keywords related to your business. Scroll down to learn about how we can help you optimize and improve the visibility of your website.

Visitor's Traffic Analysis
We will evaluate your website's visibility and performance on Google
Internal Linking Analysis
We will analyze your website's internal links and the links pointing to your website.
Structural Website Audit
We will help you understand how search engines will see your website.

The only thing that matter to you is get on top of the search results.

You are eager for success, but don't know how to get there.

SEO audit is like a puzzle, in which you have to find out what fits and what doesn't. But more than that, it is like a detective case. SEO audit is the process of understanding how well your website is optimized for search engines.

SpringHive's SEO audit services can tell you how ready your website is for Google's top rankings. We’ll help you understand what you need to do to get your page ranked better in search engines. We'll also proactively work on the things that will translate directly to ranking well in Google.

You're Not Visible in the Search Results?

Know the reason with SpringHive SEO Audit

We get it, you would like to be visible for certain keywords of your business on search engines. But is it hard to get there? We understand you. Despite your hard work of more than a year, you've found no significant results of the efforts. Maybe you can't get on Google very easily. We know all this because we've been working with companies in a similar situation. Our SEO Audit Process includes:

Visibility Audit
It is a comprehensive analysis of your website and all its pages, which will give you not only the current visibility of your website, but also on where we can improve it. We'll work with you to prioritize areas for improvement and suggest possible improvements based on web analytics' data and our knowledge about SEO.
On-Page Audit
This comprehensive analysis will show us exactly what needs to be improved. We have a strong understanding of website structure, which gives us an advantage of being able to identify exactly what needs to be improved. We'll also suggest possible solutions, with the help of Google Analytics data, ensuring that you'll maintain your ranking once implemented.
Off-page Audit
The off-page audits will show the SEO opportunities in finding relevant links and getting more traffic from search engines and social media platforms. We'll use Google Analytics data to find inappropriate links to your website which you would lose good SEO rank if these are removed.
Link Building Audit
Getting more relevant links means getting more traffic, increasing your chances of ranking better on Google, so it is critical for all websites to improve their link follow-up activities. This audit will give us an idea of the number of outgoing links that exist already, and whether there are opportunities for linking further to other sites.
Keyword Research
Keywords are a critical factor for search engine optimization. This audit will help the SEO professional to understand what keywords you may need to focus on to rank your website better in search engines. Also, the SEO audit will highlight all possible keywords that you can rank for and ensure that there is no keyword cannibalization on your webpages.
Ranking Audit
This is the biggest and most essential part for us, and we'll analyze all of your ranking data with a thorough analysis, and give you a detailed report about the exact impact of various changes we suggest. We'll also explain which areas need to be prioritized for improving your SEO ranking.

SEO Audit is a game of numbers. Very rarely you can see the exact impact of your changes, but with SpringHive, you are the WINNER! We will tell you which pages your website needs to improve to improve rankings in Google.

If you want to understand your search engine ranking better, get in touch with us. We will give you a report on where things need to be improved, compared to your competitors and show you how we can improve the site. We have been working with companies in a similar situation and we understand that it takes time and patience to rank a website well, so we'll provide detailed actionable items after the audit of the website. Contact us today to get started!