15 Tips on Building an Excellent “Coming Soon” Page While Under Construction

 15 Tips on Building an Excellent “Coming Soon” Page While Under Construction


Under Construction

When you’re website is under construction, you want to ensure that your visitors know when and where they can find the information they need. A perfect way to do this is with a coming soon page. It’s an ideal way for people interested in what you have to offer to stay informed as you build your website. This blog post will go through some of the best methods to create one. You’ll learn how to make sure it looks good, works well, and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a site that’s about to launch!

Why Need a Coming Soon Page on Your Website?

 A website coming soon or under-construction page is one of the most critical pages on your site, and it’s also one of the most challenging to build. There are many ways you can use this information to attract visitors to your site. When customers visit your website for the first time, they want to see what great content you offer them. They need to know that something new and exciting is waiting for them. The reason why you are using this technique is simple: It attracts visitors to your site quickly and gives you more traffic. However, if you don’t do it right then, all of those visitors will leave immediately after visiting your site.

What Is The Purpose of Your Coming Soon Page While It is Under Construction?

 Your coming soon page should be used as a stepping stone for your official website. This means that it must contain high-quality content to entice your visitors to stay on your site.

The purpose of the coming soon page is to give visitors a preview of the product or service that you are offering. Once visitors get a glimpse of the type of content available on your site, they will be excited about revisiting your site because they know that they will find what they came looking for.

Here Are Some Tips On Building a Perfect Coming Soon Page While Under Construction

1. Provide visitors a Way to Connect and Spread The Word

You must make it easy for visitors to share your upcoming products and services with their friends. Make sure that you create social media icons at the bottom of your web page so that users can share the content with others directly from your site. Also include your social media profiles to popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites provide more exposure for your site than any other avenue.

You could also approach them using an email signup form. Send out an announcement letting your customers know about the news and some special offers. Try not to overdo it, though, because this may scare away potential customers. Remember that people like to feel connected to someone who wants to help them and communicate freely. Sending email notification is also an excellent way to let them know that you are interested in them.

Social Media Connections

2. Add Social Share Buttons

Having social sharing buttons on your coming soon page makes it easy for users to share your website or infographic on their own blog or social media platforms to gain more attention and gain more traffic on your site.

Adding a social button on your coming soon page will not only help you to gather more visitors when you launch your coming soon page, but it will also help you gain more social media followers.

3. Establish a Trend and Hype

To gather audience attention, you need to establish a trend. Launching a new site, you can hype up the story by sharing it on various blogs. Create articles highlighting the benefits, features, and advantages of your website. Write a blog and send it to local newspapers and magazines. Share these stories online using different websites and forums.

If you want to attract attention, you need to create buzz and excitement around your product. People love to read about things before they buy them. Therefore, being able to create a buzz is very helpful.

4. Be Creative With Your Wording

Boring wording will only bore people. You’ll have to think of something unique and catchy headline. A well-written copy is vital when creating a compelling message that will draw visitors to your website. If you can persuade people with creative wording, they will likely return once they’ve visited your site. As always, keep your messages short but sweet. Don’t use too much text and allow people to quickly scan through your content.

5. Use Infographics

Creating an infographic is an excellent way to gather visitors to your coming soon page. Infographics make the information easier to read, and they are more interesting than a block of text. Keep in mind that graphic elements should be visually pleasing, engaging, and original. If you are creating an infographic, choose a topic that you know about or that your target customer will be interested in. The more information your infographic contains, the better.

6. Tailor Your Coming Soon Page to Target Human Emotions

People respond most positively to messages that touch upon their emotions. They are attracted to the background images that convey feelings of warmth and affection. Use graphics that evoke positive emotions such as joy, hope, and happiness. Avoid pictures that portray sad and depressed moods. It may seem obvious, but do not forget that people often judge books by their covers. Your cover image can affect how people perceive you. For example, a picture of a smiling face conveys a feeling of cheerfulness. At the same time, a sad or angry expression tends to bring negativity.

The same principle applies when designing your coming soon webpage. Give your visitors something that makes them feel happy, joyful, or cheerful. This will increase visitor traffic because people enjoy visiting places where they feel comfortable and appreciated. Also, don’t forget that people prefer reading upbeat and inspiring material rather than depressing or discouraging information.

Coming Soon Page

7. Provide a FAQ Section

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is essential for any website or business. The reason why is simple: people must have answers to questions if they are going to make a purchase. In addition to answering common questions, write down every possible question to avoid missing anything.

Your FAQ section should be comprehensive, easy to navigate, and organized into categories. Ensure contact information in case anyone has further questions about your coming soon page. Always provide clear instructions on how to get in touch with you. This way, people won’t waste time searching for an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

8. Build a Pre Launch Email Marketing List

If you’re just starting out, building a pre-launch pages of an email list is one of the most innovative ways to promote your upcoming site. Although this type of marketing takes more work, it’s worth it because you’ll see immediate results. Once you start getting a steady flow of emails from interested prospects, you’ll know which ones are ready to hand over their credit card details and which ones aren’t.

Start collecting names by asking friends and family to sign up for your mailing list. Offer exclusive discounts to those who join early. Then, ask them to invite three friends to join. The more people who join before you launch, the better off you’ll be

Email Marketing Lists

9. Add Social Proof

Adding social proof is another effective way of generating leads for your business. When you add social proof to your coming soon page, it will help to create a sense of credibility in the eyes of your potential clients and customers, which can help to generate more interest and sales. Social proof can include things like testimonials, client lists, awards, etc.

Social Proof

The best way to do this is by making use of third-party recommendations from your previous clients or customers. You can also make use of case studies or industry awards that you have been given for being the best in your field.

10. Make Use of CTA

The most important part of your coming soon page is the call-to-action button because this will bring you sales and traffic when your site launches. Make sure to install a CTA button that leads your visitors to your social media platforms or another page where they can get more information about you and the products you’re selling. 

Having a CTA button on your coming soon page will help you gain more visitors because the customers know that they can get more information about your products and have the option to purchase them when it is launched.

Call to Action

11. Create opt-in Form

One of the ways to gather more visitors for your coming soon page is by creating an opt-in form. You can also make use of an email subscription form so that it allows you to get more visitors to submit their email address. And if you have a mailing list, this will help you keep in touch with them through email, which gives you an advantage if and when you launch your site. 

Opt-in Form

12. Use a Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is another way to attract more visitors to your coming soon page. 

The countdown element also determines an exact date for your launch, which encourages visitors to visit your site to get a sneak peek before it gets launched.

It also promotes a sense of urgency that will help you generate more excitement for yourself and your upcoming pre-launch audience.

Countdown Timer

13. Generate Leads Before Launch

With the way business is conducted, it is essential to contact your potential clients and customers as early as you could possibly imagine so that you can organize your launch effectively. This means that you need to create a lead magnet for them before your launch day. 

Make sure to contact them early enough to schedule an appointment with them, which will make sure that they are focused on what you are selling during the launch of your site.

Having a lead magnet in place before your official launch will connect you with your potential clients and customers. At the same time, they are still interested in what you’re selling. 

14. Consider Using Online Tools to Help You Launch Your Coming Soon Page

You can use several tools to help you launch your coming soon page. These tools are designed to help you generate visitors, find customers and ultimately make sales. 

There are various ways to use these tools, but you must go through them carefully before you determine which one will work best for your coming soon page. You can make use of online tools as a way of generating traffic and collecting leads before you launch your site. That way, you can keep in contact with your potential customers and sell them your products when it is found.

15. Publish Your Coming Soon Page

Once you have created your coming soon page, it is essential to publish it and make it visible to potential customers and customers. To advertise your coming soon page, you can use social icons, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and post your page on them in an attempt to gather more traffic from these sources. 

Suppose you already have a Facebook page or a website where your target customer can find you easily. In that case, you can also create a link to your coming soon page so that they can visit and know what they are going to find when the site is launched.

An effective way of launching an upcoming website is by using a landing page. Landing pages are especially helpful in the online marketing industry because they can effectively generate multiple sales. Landing pages are also versatile and can be used for various marketing strategies. 

To wrap things up, having a coming soon page is essential because it allows you to gather potential customers and clients interested in what you are selling even before your site goes live. In addition to that, it also gives you a chance to create buzz about your product or service.

As with all the things you need to do when preparing for a successful website launch, creating a coming soon page is not easy. You will have to put a lot of thought into the design and content of the page and marketing strategies so that your business will not lose interest once your website gets launched.

Contact us if you want someone to work for you when designing websites and blogs. We at SpringHive are willing to help you through your struggles and challenges in this kind of business and make sure that everything will work according to your perspective.

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